Sunday, November 2, 2008

Home Alone this Week End

Well, I have been home alone for the past four days as my apartment mates are still celebrating Diwali at their respective hometowns. So please down be surprised if this post seems a wee bit depressing and lacks the usual humor and 'leg-pulling' of the people I know.

To begin with I have been doing a lot if reading. I have finally finished reading a book that I was anticipating for a long time as it was by my favorite author Robin Cook and is titled 'Foreign Body.' The book speaks about medical tourism. Wait a minute! before you get any ideas, it is not the tourism in which people travel to sexy locales. It is a medical thriller that is India-focused. It is the outsourcing of health care and specialized surgeries to developing countries like India due to the astronomic medical costs incurred in the developed countries, primarily the US. It is a pity that the poor and the uninsured cannot not afford this and travel to the developing countries to get treated and then starts a series of unexpected mysterious murders. If I have kindled anyone's interest and you know me, you can borrow it from me, I own a copy. Other than I read a couple of paperbacks that were not that great for a mention here.

I watched Madhur Bhandarkar's 'Fashion' this Friday, as it was the new release and we did not bother with Goalmaal returns. Fashion is good in certain bits and pieces. The characters were cliché, they are either overly good or super bad which is never the case in real life. Priyanka Chopra, shows that she can act too, after a series of tackie movies like Drona, Chamku ( even I will never act in a movie by this name!) Love Story 2050, she has finally gotten back to her senses. I really liked Samir Soni in the movie who could pull off the gay act with grace. Kangana Ranauat is at her lunatic best yet again. Can she ever act sane in any movie?? The soundtrack has a couple of good numbers I particularly liked the Mar jawaan track, it plays in the background during the fashion shows. The greatest drawback is the length, it goes on and on for three freaking hours. Seems like Bandarkar was obsessed with all the scenes he shot and did not permit the editor to cut much of the movie. All in all, it does not go any where near the Page 3 genre. You can watch it when you totally have nothing to do and it is definitely not a 'must watch.'
A Still from Fashion
I watched a movie called 'August Rush' at Aki's roomate' s recommendation. God bless her (both Aki and her roomie) for loading this movie on my laptop. The movie is about a music child prodigy. The kid (Freddie Highmore) who lives in a child care center, senses music in everything and has never had any formal training. He believes that he will find his parents if they only hear his music, because they are truly bonded by their music. The movie moves to the flashback where Keri Russell (who is a renowned and beautiful cellist) and Johnathan Mayer (a bass player in club, of Bend it like Beckham and MI3, God! he is so hot!! ) share the love of music and end up falling in love and bonding together in one night, but go their separate ways. Keri gets pregnant and decides to have the baby, but meets with an accident due to which her dad lies to her that she lost the kid. After 10 years she realizes that she still has a child and sets off in his pursuit. Meanwhile Johnathan realises that he cannot run away form Keri and decides to look for her all three take to music again. This movie is awesome due to the little kid who has disguised himself as 'August Rush' and keeps running from one childcare center to a beggar union where he is exploited by Robin Williams to the a renowned music school. Finally, how the three meet at the concert, where Keri and later her son performs, to finally become a family. Watch it for the little kid (Freddie Highmore) for your heart goes out to him and for the love of music. For all those who know me, I have this movie loaded on my laptop and will give it to you.
Finally, today I did loads of cleaning- the house and my clothes. I hate Hyderabad for this, maids are like desert roses here!! I also cooked a decent meal today, mom would be so proud of my culinary skills, if I may say so myself :-P

After I have written this post, I actually feel better, I just realized that my weekend didn't suck as much as I thought it did, just a while ago. But one thing is for sure, I cannot sit alone and ideate and retrospect for long....
In anticipation of the return of two of my house mates tomorrow morning, with long tales of their trips to tell, I am signing off :-)