Wednesday, June 24, 2009


You reach this phase in your life where you pause, ponder & realize, ‘Wo! What am I actually doing??’

Well this happened to me off late, my job is going great, I am enjoying what I am doing. However, there is a definite ‘BUT’ that comes up. I realized that I was not heading as planned. I wanted to work a couple of years and then head for my higher studies before ‘forcibly’ getting hitched! I realized that 2 years have passed by and what was I doing? I am content at the moment, but then I realized, it would not last long! I HAVE to move on! No matter how hunky dory your life is at the moment, you need to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and make it better. I decided to taste the bitter medicine, get back to preparing for my Entrances and now I am feeling kicked about it. I do not know what the consequences will be, will I get in to the school that I desire. Would I be quitting my job for better or for worse! But I have decided to take the risk & face the music.

I realized on thing about myself in all of this- I am initially indecisive, resistant to change & apprehensive about the uncertainty that comes with change. Also, when my folks counseled me about getting back to study I was adamant that I knew what was best for me and would do as I please! But when ‘I’ Make a decision I move on, I do it with 100 pc determination & complete accountability for my actions. I hope that it would bring me favorable results.

Another thing that I learnt from a few friends was- never quit what you are presently doing, without a definite avenue already in place like an admission letter or a new job. As some wise has human said ‘One bird in hand is better than two in the bush!’

Food for thought for someone I deeply care about- ‘Never sulk about something you are unhappy about, DO something to correct it!’ Take the risks! I know it is easier said than done! But, it needs to be done in order to move on! So Go for it Honey!

In hope and a silent prayer to give us determination to MOVE ON with our endeavors, I am signing off :-)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Mt Abu Trip-April 2009

IN A NUTSHELL: I would rate it one of the top 10 Most Awesome, MUST VISIT places in India. Just for the Dilwara Temples.

Well, this was when the difference between planning a trip with your friends & going on a trip with your folks was blatantly evident. I had gone to Gujarat for a week to attend classes at MICA, thought I'd make the best use of it by doing a little travelling. I visited Mt Abu which is about 200 Km from Ahmedabad. Well, thing to note- Roads in Gujarat are fantastic- you can conveniently zip @100 kmph on these roads! Mom was travelling with me so no worries about food, fuel in the car or finances either :-P

Mt Abu has all the charm that a hill station must have! It is located in the Satpura ranges & is a Hill retreat shared by Haryana, Gujarat & Rajasthan. I went during April last week and found the climate pleasant. I stayed at an Army guest house so cannot comment about the lodging there. However, I saw a lot of small hotels or home-stays. The summer months attract a lot of tourists here, so be sure to make prior reservations.

History Story time: Mt Abu got its name from a huge snake named 'Arbuda,' who buried himself in a huge pit on the mountain. He covered the dangerous pit & in return wanted the mountain to be named after him.

Places Worth Visiting-

Sunset Point- Beautiful view to see the Sun go down & great for photography!


Nakki Lake- This lake is situated at the heart of the city & has lot of tourist shops situated all around the lake. Apparently, this lake was dug by the nails of the 'Devathas' in Hindu Mythology. Hence the name! You can go boating here & there are lots of restaurants all along the lake.


Guru Shikar- This is the highest point of Mt Abu, you get beautiful view of the entire town from here & can see clouds below you.


Dilwara Temples- If you love sculptures & architecture, then I'd say this is the Only reason for you to visit Mt. Abu! I was awestruck by the beauty of the Dilwara Temples! The SADDEST part is that photography is strictly prohibited. We tried to pull A LOT of strings, but they said that if the Jain trust decides, then no one can take pictures there. There are 5 temples in all, each one more splendid than the other! Points to Remember- Please buy the guide book before entering the temples. You get them at the office. Please read the book, it explains the history behind each temple. Each temple is divided into cells, and the guide book describes the architectural context of each cell. When you enter the temples you are clueless as to where to look. Here is my take: I find the Dilwara temples way more magnificent and better architecturally than the Taj Mahal. We can easily spend 3 hours at the temples.

Caution- Do not base your judgments by the exteriors of the temple- they are dome shaped ordinary structures. This was done to deceive the Mughals & prevent destruction of the temples.

If you are interested & you know me, I am willing to lend you the guide book & Photographs to give you an idea of what I am attempting to explain. However I'd say- 'To see is to Experience it!'

If you are religious there are the ancient Arbuda Vishwanath temple & the Arbuda Devi temples. They have their own historical & mythological significance.

Another very important thing at Mt Abu is the Bhramakumari Institute for Spiritual Learning. Well, they have a Peace Park (with lots of flowers) & the largest campus here. Personally, I am not spiritually inclined so I was not interested. My take- Avoid going here if you do not have patience or are not SPRIRITUAL!

Shopping- Well I bought lots of Silver Jewelry here for close to 5K. The jewelry made of silver & semi-precious stones is exquisite.

A perfect weekend trip! You can club it with the trip to Udaipur too, as Udaipur is just 150 km from here. I have been to Udaipur so did not venture again.

Friday, June 12, 2009


CAUTION: This Post is Heavy Duty on Emotional & Philosophical Front! Do NOT read if you are looking for Humor! You have other posts below in that Genre!

My life has been a roller coaster over the past few days. Like life should be.... It has been graced by a little good news- a little more bad news! As they say, I was swept off my feet in 'love!' I found it true for life instead. The 'shallow' happiness of a Promotion-the frustration about those who are genuinely, truly deserving not getting their due... I mean come on are people BLIND?? One moment of vacation and the next moment of cancer. One moment of a new job & the whole new world waiting for you and the next minute of brain ailment. Being extremely happy & proud of getting through a good college to the next moment of not knowing where to go from there! Imagine starting from scratch after all these years! Well these are the few things that life has dealt to some people I know!

Incidents like these actually make you realize what we are all being played for! We go through the mundane daily routines like it is what we are meant to do & meant to be! I often contemplate- Is all this work, effort & persistence worth IT?? Most of us, I am sure, do not even know what the 'IT' here is...

It is at times like this, when I close my eyes & see the few I love, that brings a smile on my face & gives me the zeal to continue the next day... Although I do not know 'what' am I continuing? Where am I heading? Will I even know when I reach my 'GOAL'? I am sure most of do not even realize it! We are already anxious and heading for a new 'mission,' to take a while & celebrate what you achieved.

Do only what you really want to do! Never do something that you do not have the heart/ inclination to do!

Life is too short to hold a grudge against some one! Forget it & move on with it!

One more thing that I realized is we end up show our anger and frustration on those whom we love & really care! We NEVER take the time & effort to tell them, time and again, what we feel about them & they are the reason for our LIVING!

I am beginning now & here, to all those who mean the world to me by saying 'I LOVE YOU!'