Monday, August 16, 2010

Shaping your Eyebrows Saga

This might seem very very trivial. But this is one of the most important things that most Indian girls are very particular about once they are 13ish. In Dublin I hunted for an Indian eyebrow threading lady (ok let me not be sexist, or a guy) for 40 days, by then my eyebrows had over grown and shapeless. Then a friend of mine visited this tanning salon where they did eyebrow waxing. I was like pretty apprehensive about waxing my eyebrows, what if one wrong move and it totally disappears. But then, I called this lady who has been threading eye brows for 15 years in Dublin. Like all Indians in Dublin, she was SO rude, like I was asking her to donate her kidney. I was like SCREW you! She was asking for 20 Euros & was apparently booked for the next 7 days.

Then I took my chances and went with my friend to this tanning salon (where she had got hers done,) there was this super sweet polish girl who 'waxed' my eyebrows. It was quite an experience, but at the end viola! I loved the look, I looked human again. I cannot believe what this small thing does to your face. They charged me like 12 euros (the Indian in me immediately converted 12*60=720RUPEES.... Seriously?? I could have gotten a nice facial done in that much) and it was not a bad spend at the end.

I SO miss the parlor girls at Hyderabad :-( India you are awesome! Love you so much... Miss you so much...