Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I am NOT really a television buff, but off-late the quality of sitcoms, movies, and the channels has hit an all time super low. I cannot imagine how any average intelligence human can ever laugh at the tackie jokes that are a very dismal attempt to make anyone laugh. I was just surfing the channels the other day and stopped at the Great indian laughter challenge IV. OMG the quality of the jokes (if I can be magnanimous to call them 'jokes') was shocking!! It was painful to stand it for even 5 mins. Then I switch channel and stop at the Rakhi Savant Show, on Zoom TV. God! she spoke utter gibberish!! She is so self obsessed and lunatic. I had to stop to pray god to give her a little sense. This is what I call a true 'timbit' (ok I can imagine a guy 'tsk' ing at this girlie lingo) in true sense. And then come the news channels - Aaj tak and Star News come undisputed firsts in my 'Hit-List.' These two news channels cannot ever end their day without some gossip about Amitabh Bachchan and his family and what Rakhi Savant said or didn' t say. Give me a break!! How the hell am I concenrned what they wear or do in their lives!! You are a national television news channel damn it!! Another thing I wish to add here are the numerous Sting operations that these news channels put up just when they are having a bland day, with out any hot gossip or some tragedy. The news readers put me back to sleep after a nice shower at 7 am in the morning every weekday. They look live devils rambling in fanatic and intense hindi that seems from the prehistoric times!! and every television channel has to host a minimum of 2-3 reality shows (mind you that is the barest minimum one has to have.) Honestly, I really did not know who exactly Ishmeet Singh was (God bless his departed soul) till it was all over BREAKING NEWS on all the news channels and websites. People will never know when Field Marshal Manekshaw died, the man who lonely orchestrated the 1971 War victory against Pakistan. Sometimes I really feel like suing these channels for torturing the common man and doubting the fact that he possesses an organ called brain. To add to my grief are the soon to be released movies and their every 2 mins trailers on all the channels including Sports, News and regional channels. Imagine, just imagine, Priyanka Chopra's new movie's name is 'Chamku.' I almost hypervenrtlated... 'God tussi great ho' has Salman Khan and Amitabh Bachchan one of the two most influential and crowd-puller actors in the Indian film industry. The english channels like Star World and Zee Cafe run episodes that have been aired in the US two years ago and which I have already streamed and watched long ago. Also, we do not hey Star World any more as it has become a paid channel. All the movies screened on Start movies and HBO have been seen by us a minimum of 2 times. Is there any ray of hope?? HELP... This is the reason we spend almost 14-15 hours ( which is almost 90 pc of our waking hours) in the whole day on the internet, even after getting back from office I never get tired of the net. I am really happy that my aversion to the television has translated to my love for reading. At least, I can enjoy and relish a book without it being stereotyped.

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