Sunday, September 14, 2008

tHiNkiNg AlOuD !!

I LOVE to travel and can' t stay for more than 10 days at a place. I work at Hyderabad, as I am from Bangalore, I visit the place atleast once a month. Apart from that the rest of my leaves spend travelling. The other day I was telling mom, mom I have decided one thing in life, I will never spend more than 2 years in any organization. My mom was like WHAT!! then she lectured me saying, u kids now-a-days dont have any responsibility and all...she rambled on... But this casual statement that I made actually made me retrospect... Being my first job and that too at one of the best companies that any one would ever dream of getting into. If I can have such thoughts here, then I wonder the plight of others who work in lesser employ friendly companies. I have finally decided that going forward (for all those who know me from my job, you will figure out how I used this word ;-)) I will work for 2 yrs in a company - quit - study for at leasr 6 months -Get a new job - work for 2 yrs - quit - travel for 6 months and then the cycle goes on... From childhood I have always been on the move, thanks to my dad's transferable job. I really dont get the feeling of belonging to any place. We consider Bangalore home but I wanted to get out of there too after four years there. There is this feeling of restlessness that grows within me. I feel life is too short and there is so much more to do. Let me see what future holds for me.

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