Tuesday, January 5, 2010

In Fond Memories of SRM!

I am blogging after close to 8 months, there had to be something really really dramatic in my life that would encourage me to blog again! And yes it did happen… I am writing this post for my roommate of 2 and half years, who left us recently for greener pastures :-P.

SRM, as we proudly call her was the guy (oops... she was christened ‘Uncle’ @ Suryalanka) of our Hyderabad family. One can venture out as late as 2 am assured that when she is around, she will bail us out of trouble. In one of our other failed ventures as roommates, we started a blog in which we decided to maintain an anonymous status. Oh btw, the blog lasted one post. The other day Shanky & I checked out the blog post after remembering the blog name with great effort. The blog had received Zero visits :-(. In the interest of our (almost) non-existent reputation I will not disclose the name of the blog.

Well each day is an adventure with her. Her weird theories of lifting your butt when the 4 of us went on a steep road in a puny rickshaw, so that the rick could make it to the top of the hillock. Her endless fights with all the tailors at Hyd (Sadoo & I would find one with great difficulty.) She was felt up by a male security guard at IMax when she rushed in for a movie in tracks with her helmet on.

The endless trips that we planned (a lot of which could not happen.) And for a few which we did make, the innumerable adventures and mishaps we had, would all remain glorious memories.

Her fear of heights, flights, crossing the road,
and sweaty palms
Her cell phone(s) or rather the lack of them & their sagas
Her debit card mis-placements
Applying for a pan card after the HR threatened to stall all her future pay checks,

Her Vodafone outstanding bills and the court summons she recieved for them,

Her shopping for clothes & forgetting about them after wearing them just once.

When the old house owner asked us for extra rent she said told him that he had one leg in the grave and had the heart to ask us for more money, when we were just starting our life.

Her walking into the old owner's house with her Shoes on (when we were prohibited to do so) when they were not around, and slipping and falling hard!

Her living out of the suitcase (btw, this is not figurative, it is literally.) Every Monday morning SRM would come back to Hyd and keep her Suitcase right in the center of the bedroom and it would continue to remain there till the end of the week till she would take off to another place yet again alternatively one of us would have tripped over it and fallen and then decided to place it on the side of the room.

Our Mission to clean the stinking refrigerator (just a little context here, the milk leaked out from the tray and accumulated at the bottom of the fridge, we ignored it till we started throwing up due to the smell.) We dismantle the tray and then SRM threw the dirty water on 2 passing guys on the road, who were trying to act smart.

Our Endeavor to shoe away the invading pigeons from our bathroom. When we did not have a ladder to see what was going on, 2 of us ended up lifting Shanky to take a look.

She is non stop entertainment for you! Like we say Sruthi has transformed each one of us (for better or for worse only time will say.) She 'trips' life and spreads her enthusiasm around.

She is going to transform another sane life very soon! We all would pray for HIS Sanity & wish him a great (& smooth) transformation.

SRM the Great!


saranya said...

Muaah... Good one!!!

I miss all the fun we had... Sigh :|
I still can't forget the Surya Lanka incident. Btw... Do you have the video? Its something we should treasure! :D

AkShAyA said...

@ Saru... Thanks da! Miss you too :-(
Come off Soon! And yes I do have the video. I cannot misplace it for anything :D

sandhya shankaran said...

Loved the post.. every time i read it, I laugh out loud! I am sure we all miss SRM!