Friday, June 11, 2010

Back to Blogging

I have never been a very active blogger but I used to manage a couple of posts in a month, but I haven’t been able to do even that. I have been feeling guilty & restless about it but, the darn procrastination & ‘tomorrow’ comes to my rescue and I push it back another day. Another ‘BIG’ reason I refrained from blogging was because I am hooked to Chrome( Yup, company loyalties, I know :-P) & it started allowing us to open only 1 google account at a time. I always need to have my company email open & I HATE Firefox so had the inertia to open my gmail account. Today I did not have much to do & I was like ‘I need a LIFE’ thats it, I have to get back to my blog again. Here I am I hope I be good and stick to my resolve :-P

PS. Chose the green font color for a reason :-P

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